五分鐘英語-行李守護者:關西機場完美記錄的傳奇Guardians of Baggage: The Legend of Kansai Airport’s Flawless Record



Host: Welcome to TutorABC.com, your portal to captivating tales and insightful narratives. I’m your host, and today, we’re delving into the extraordinary story of Kansai Airport’s unparalleled achievement—three decades without a single lost bag.

主持人:歡迎來到 TutorABC.com,這裡是引人入勝故事和深刻見解的門戶。我是您的主持人,今天我們將深入探討關西機場非凡的成就——三十年來從未遺失一個行李的故事。

Host: Losing luggage is an unfortunate reality of air travel, with an average of 7.6 pieces misplaced per every 1,000 travelers. Yet, amidst this norm, Kansai Airport in Japan stands out for not losing a single bag in the last 30 years, even while handling a whopping 10 million bags in 2023 alone.

主持人:遺失行李是航空旅行的不幸現實,平均每 1,000 名旅客中就有 7.6 件行李被誤放。然而,在這樣的常態之中,日本的關西機場因為過去三十年從未遺失一個行李而脫穎而出,即使在 2023 年單單處理了高達 1,000 萬件行李。

Host: How does Kansai Airport achieve this remarkable feat? It’s all about meticulous procedures and unwavering dedication. Bags undergo multiple checks to ensure accuracy, with staff diligently verifying the number of bags upon arrival matches the departure records.


Host: But the airport’s commitment doesn’t end there. Baggage handlers work tirelessly to ensure luggage reaches the baggage claim area’s conveyor belts within 15 minutes of an airplane’s touchdown. Moreover, they handle fragile items with care, such as musical instruments, delivering them directly to passengers to prevent damage on conveyor belts.

主持人:然而,機場的承諾並不止於此。行李處理人員不知疲倦地工作,確保行李在飛機著陸後的 15 分鐘內抵達行李提領區的輸送帶。此外,他們細心處理易碎物品,如樂器,直接交給乘客,以防止在輸送帶上損壞。

Host: How does Kansai Airport’s achievement compare to other airports worldwide? In the U.S., for example, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported a mishandling rate of 0.58% in 2023, equating to 3 million bags annually on domestic flights alone.

主持人:關西機場的成就如何與世界其他機場相比呢?例如,在美國,交通部統計局報告稱 2023 年的行李處理率為 0.58%,僅在國內航班上每年就有 300 萬件行李遭遇問題。

Host: But Kansai Airport’s success extends beyond its flawless luggage record. Built on landfill in Osaka Bay, Kansai is the world’s first oceanic airport. Despite sinking 2-4 cm annually due to its construction, it remains a marvel of engineering.

主持人:然而,關西機場的成功不僅僅在於其無瑕的行李紀錄。位於大阪灣的填海建成的關西機場是世界上第一個海洋機場。儘管由於建造而每年下沉 2 到 4 厘米,但它仍然是一個工程奇跡。

Host: Looking ahead to the future, with events like the upcoming World Expo in Osaka in 2025, where Kansai Airport is expected to welcome millions of passengers, the question arises—can it maintain its impeccable record? Only time will tell.

主持人:展望未來,像即將到來的 2025 年大阪世界博覽會這樣的活動,預計關西機場將迎來數百萬乘客,一個問題浮現——它能保持無可挑剔的記錄嗎?只有時間才能告訴我們答案。

Host: That concludes today’s episode of TutorABC.com. Join us next time for more captivating stories and insightful discussions. Until then, safe travels and stay tuned!

Here are the 10 English words introduced in the script:

  1. Unparalleled (adjective) – 無與倫比的;無比的。
  2. Whopping (adjective) – 極其巨大的;龐大的。
  3. Diligently (adverb) – 努力地;認真地;盡心盡力地。
  4. Mishandling (noun) – 不正確或粗心地處理某事物,通常導致損壞或損失。
  5. Marvel (noun) – 一個美妙或令人驚訝的人、物或事件。
  6. Norm (noun) – 一種標準或模式,尤其是社會行為的典型或預期的模式。
  7. Flawless (adjective) – 沒有任何錯誤或瑕疵的;完美的。
  8. Marvel (noun) – 一個美妙或令人驚訝的人、物或事件。
  9. Myth (noun) – 一種被廣泛持有但錯誤的信念或觀念。
  10. Unwavering (adjective) – 穩定的或堅定的;不動搖的。



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